Trisha’s Wellness is founded by Mmaphefo  Patricia  Manganye in August 2016 , who is a 100% shareholder and an African female expecting  to gain market penetration through a focused strategy of incorporating Exercise, Nutrition, Weight control & management as well as Sports massage therapy across all fitness levels and age groups  with more emphasis on athletes, people living with disabilities, individuals looking for that special one on one attention, corporates and senior citizens.


We are also looking at bringing back that Sports vibe into our Township schools by introducing the actual physical activities as part of Learning – when it comes to the PE subject   


Our Services :


  • Group Exercise workouts : Hi low & Kata Box

It is a high intensity workout for the whole body.  With the use of arms for punches and blocks & legs for knee strikes and kicks including a bit of Martial Arts moves. A Kata Box workout will sculpt your body, tone & firm it. It also teaches endurance & how to stabilise your core and it’s ideal for losing weight & keeping fit.


  • Boot-Camp

It’s  basically a cross training exercise or functional workout done with little to no equipment but will leave you soaking wet sweaty & breathless. It is an ideal home, outdoors & camps workout for teams, family and friends  working out together and  looking to achieve a certain goal which is “Losing Weight & Keeping it off “  of course


  • Our Boot camp sessions will be held every 2nd Saturday of the month & will be moving around so it is best to keep in touch and stay informed of our whereabouts.
  • An affordable fee of R120 per person or R1000 per team of 10 People is charged for entry    


  • Personal Training

Workouts for those individuals looking for 1 on 1 special attention focusing on a specific goal. A meal plan is provided to assist as usually weight issues are based on 80% of what you eat & only 20 % of exercise 


  • Nutrition, weight control & management

Guidance is offered on a balanced daily foods and liquids intake to improve Healthy Living.  Advises and encourages eating more foods from the soil & less sugary and carbonated drinks. Helps people to know how to stay hydrated for longer during the very hot, dry & humid seasons 


  • Spa Massages & Sports Massage Therapy

We offer massages in a variety of styles – Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone massage, Sports massage & others (e.g. Pre & Post event massages as well as treatment  for sports injuries & rehabilitation.


Our therapy sessions are professionally done giving one that revitalised, stress free & sensational feeling.


  • House calls @ R100 up to 20Km Radius
  • After hours rates apply (from 8pm -11pm and 4am – 7am)